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This body slimming gel is a product based on maximized skin delivery of active ingredients and slimming effect.

Double effect of BodyfitTM and high concentrated nano caffeine visible reduce the appearance of cellulite, make tight and slim body line, and enhance skin firmness.

Body Slimming Gel, Cellbody

As a body slimming gel that designs the body line, nano technology is applied to lipolytic ingredients for higher concentration of active ingredients compared to general body slimming products. With improved skin penetration, the product maximizes the effects lipolysis. 

- Stronger lipolytic effect using nano ingredient 

Sophoricoside from Sophora Japonica root extract and high caffeine nano complex penetrate deep into the skin to temporarily decompose subcutaneous fat and improve cellulites. Synergy between hot pepper extract and capsaicin can more quickly deliver active ingredients to make smooth and elastic body silhouette. 

This body slimming product was verified for body fat loss and body size reduction through decomposition of cellulites through clinical test by a state authorized certification body. Patented nano technology maximized slimming effect by deeper, quicker and more penetration of lipolytic ingredients into the skin. 

- Zero swelling! Body care that helps discharge of wastes 

Squash extract that helps maintain moisture and discharge waste and ginkgo extract that helps blood circulation control swelling of the body to make your body lighter. Catechin ingredient from green tea extract protects the skin from external stimulations.


Dry your body after taking a shower or bath and place proper

amount of Cellbody So Hot on body parts where cellulite is


Rub smoothly for the product to be fully absorbed into your 

skin. Use every morning and night and for more effect 

massage or exercise while using the product.


Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention.

Seek medical attention if you have inflammation, eczema or any type of skin problems.


Keep out of reach of children.

Product should avoid direct sunlight.

Store at room temperature.

Content 100ml x 5
Manufacturer C.SEM

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