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Voix Douce + Homme Fatale + Citrus Juice

Sense Your Scents (5ml /bottle) 3 to 4 weeks life span

exclusive blended by perfumer color your car with amabile.

What do Top, Middle, and Base Notes in fragrances mean?

Perfume has layers and is described in the perfume industry as top, middle and base notes. Top notes are the most volatile and will evaporate first, middle notes are therapeutic and balancing and the base notes are longest lasting.

TOP NOTES: Provides the first scent impression of a fragrance once it has been applied. They are usually more volatile aromas that evaporate readily.  They tend to be light, fresh and uplifting in nature and are generally not very expensive.

MIDDLE NOTES:  Sometimes referred to as “heart notes” of fragrances, make up the body of the blend.  The smells of middle notes are not always immediately evident. They are the notes that classify the fragrance family  and are normally warm and soft.

BASE NOTES: are those with the greatest heavy weight. These scent notes are normally intense and heavy. They are relaxing in nature and are also the most expensive of all. They last the longest and help slow down the evaporation rates of the lighter notes, giving the fragrance holding power. 



• Product Name: Amabile Car Perfume Diffuser

• Ingredients: Alcohol, Perfume (fragrance)

• Period of Use: 3-4 weeks (It may variable to the environment of use

• Best by: 1 year from the date of manufacture

•This product has obtained Korea Certificate (No. B071H422

-4001), following related laws/regulations in South Korea


• Flammable

• Keep away from fire, spark, flare, and high temperature place

• Keep out of children / pet's reach

• Do not drink, or apply to skin, face, or hair.

• Do not use for purposes other than fragrance diffuser

Made In Korea / Hand Made Product

No Return Policy (all consumable items)

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