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Turn an ordinary mobile phone or tablet into an instant microscope by attaching a microscope module in front of the camera’s normal lens. Mobile Microscope is very light and fits easily in your pocket. No apps needed. Can be attached from one device to another in just a few seconds and easy to use with various mobile devices!


Explore and discover the world of micro universe conveniently with this Mini Microscope!

The Mini Microscope  is a reliable mini device that gives you access to the micro universe and its inhabitants. Have you ever wondered what is jumping on the surface of your skin or what kind of little stuff is sharing your mattress? This fun gadget, with a magnification rate of 60x and 2 bright white LEDs to illuminate your close-ups, will surprise you by revealing all what you have never suspected to be so close to you!

The powerful microscope does more than simply show what is invisible to the naked eye. Indeed one LED is actually an UV light that allows you to detect watermarks! A cool way to make sure you don't get fake banknotes, even if you are located in a remote area. Take also into consideration its tiny dimensions, which make it so easy to carry and store in any pocket, the fact it is provided with a leather bag to ensure a durable protection, and you will bring this awesome microscope with you each time you go out!


EDUCATIONAL USE BIOLOGY, ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES Gone are the days when studies involving microscopes are confined to the classroom. Brings a nice dimension to learning, where microscopic examinations can be done outside and in the field. At the same time an image can be taken of the object being examined.

PRINTING INDUSTRY QUALITY CONTROL ASSISTANCE Take quality control to a new level when you need documented print monitoring. Whether you are looking at the placement of dots, the quality of material or printing plate, or the purity of the printing press rollers, the standardization of quality will be a whole lot easier. Microscopic images can be sent conveniently to a review meeting in another location.

BRAND PROTECTION MICROCODE, PRODUCT TAGS With the mobile microscope you are able to achieve accuracies of micro-code printing and the micro code can be easily displayed; it’s a very easy way to verify the origin of a product. Inspected items are easy to document and based on that you can quickly get expert opinions, even if from the other side of the globe. 


· Portable and convenient design, easy to carry with your mobile phone

· Magnification: 60X

· Bright LED light of the magnifying glass provides enough light at any dim conditions

· Great product for the watch making industry, especially for the tiny objects

· UV LED for paper money

· Ideal for jewelry, coins, stamps and antiques etc.

· LED with On/Off Switch

· Plug and Play, nothing to install

· Light weight and easy to carry.

· Power supply: 3 x LR1130 batteries(included)

· With a box,can protect it 

· Microscope size: 3.6 x 4 x 1.7cm/1.42 x 1.57 x 0.67in(D x H)

· Mobile phone shell size: 4.2 x 6 x 1cm/1.65 x 2.36 x 0.39in(L x W x H)

· Color:as the picture show

· Original Packing


Portable: super mini size with ultra-light weight.

2 in 1 design: 60X power magnifier and UV currency detector.

UV currency detector for checking counterfeit.

Bright LED light of the magnifying glass provides enough light at dim.

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