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Scena Series

Transparency that shines from the inside out. It is a source of beautiful hair brings in SCENA pursued the hair component. By developing the thought mechanism of hair damage repair treatment system.Comes from the inside filled with freshness and gloss, such as sparkling maximise. MUCOTA proprietary technology is beautiful hair to further levels

Product Description

For chemical treated hair Intensive at-home care to keep the results of SCENA treatment.

Hematin & honey, CMC, collagen & silk PPT.

Honey-based, containing nano-size CMC & collagen PPT softens dry, rough hair damaged from heat or alkali, and creates supple and lustrous finish. Also, with hematin formula, active oxygen and remaining alkali which cause hair damage can be removed, and prevent damage.

Color was intensive care to maintain the treatment the hair. Hair that has been subjected to color is also a necessary gloss to beautifully express the color, hair which has been subjected to hair straightening using a dry heat requires a flexible feel so easy to cure. Based on honey and finish to hair that is moist with a nano of CMC and collagen PPT caused the drying with heat and alkali by W blended softening the hair with Pasa and Gois soft luster. Also it has the effect of suppressing the progression of damage to remove active oxygen and residual alkali that can cause damage by was blended hematin.

How to use

    1. About 2~3 weeks later from having SCENA treatment at salon, please use Décor to keep the texture. Then to keep the results longer, please use it once a week.
    2. After shampooing, apply it focusing on medium area~hair ends, then massage it.
    3. use volume guide:
    4. Short :half amount of one pack / Medium ~Long:whole amount of one pack
    5. For additional conditioning, wrap your head in a hot steam towel and leave in 3~5mins. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

            Available in 10g × 12 capsule

            Content 10g × 12
            Manufacturer Mucota

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