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ARTE  Calon - DESIGN FINISHER  Hair Styling SpraySilicone, Vitamin E derivative, Provitami..
Calon Essence Twinky	 and Twinky
ProductTwinky and Twinky (Hair Shinner)BenefitsInstant hair spray shinner.Brings marvelously brillia..
Cool Lemon Mint Shampoo
ProductCOOL LEMON MINT SHAMPOOBenefitsFresh cooling sensation shampoo.To become healthy and metholat..
MONOI Freeze Wax
Products:Monoi Freeze WaxBenefitsSuper Hard type of wax for strong styling on short hair.It has a st..
MONOI Hard Wax
Products:Monoi Freeze WaxBenefitsLong lasting hard type of wax for strong styling on short hair.It h..
MONOI Shine Wax
Products:Monoi Shine WaxBenefitsShiny and mild type of wax for styling on short hair.It has a strong..
MONOI Spider Hold Wax
Products:Monoi Spider Hold WaxBenefitsBoost the hair volume type of wax for styling on short hair.Sp..
Natubea Conc Keratin Shampoo
ProductPHYTO KERATIN (CONC KERATIN SHAMPOO)BenefitsThis is special shampoo specialized for damage an..
NATUBEA Hair Glaze
ProductPHYTO KERATIN (Hair Glaze)BenefitsRepairs damage hair.Helps smooths the cuticle of the hair.A..
NATUBEA Hair Lotion
ProductPHYTO KERATIN (Hair Lotion)BenefitsIt keeps the hair smooth and shinny.Improves hair strength..
NATUBEA Keratin Conditioner
ProductPHYTO KERATIN (CONC KERATIN CONDITIONER)BenefitsThis special shampoo specialized for damage a..
NATUBEA Keratin Treatment
Treatment-The amino acid ingredients such as arginine, alanin, glycine. etc. gives back the vitality..
NATUBEA Live Care Essence
Products:PHYTO KERATIN (Live Care Essence)BenefitsLeave-in Essence containing ceramide derivatives s..
NATUBEA Volume Up Essence
ProductNatubea Volume Up EssenceBenefitsAdds body to the hair.Keeps the hair smooth and shinny.Impro..
Silkamino Teracota Hair Silky Essence
Silkamino Teracota Hair Silky EssenceSilky perfume essenceIt provides the protecting effect and cove..
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